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  • Stephen Giles-Medhurst
    Article: Oct 28, 2020
    "COUNTY MUST STEP IN WITH FREE SCHOOL MEALS FOR THOSE THAT NEED THEM" - says Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst, Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition on Herts County Council.

    On Tuesday, 20th October, 2020, at a meeting of Hertfordshire County Council, the Conservatives refused to back a motion from the Lib Dems calling on the government to support the call from Marcus Rashford to provide free school meals during school holidays until next Easter to pupils who normally receive them. Later in the week the government similarly voted this down for England.

  • Tring Skateboard Park (enclosed)
    Article: Oct 25, 2020

    At last month's Tring Town Council Meeting on 28th September youmg representatives from Tring Youth Town Council made a presentation to the Town Councillors about the need for renewed skateboarding facilities in Tring.

    When the Tring skateboard park was first set up 20 years ago it was a much sort after attraction for young skateboarders from Tring and surrounding towns and villages. Despite having been improved since then, however, it has now become rather old-fashioned as newer skateboarding facilities have been established locallyand with others having been recently refurbished to a high standard.

    Recent technical innovations involving specialised high-quality smooth concrete surfaces, plus the impending inclusion of skateboarding as an Olympic sport, have heightened this impression and young skateboarders are now moving elsewhere develop their skills.

    Mrs Emma Cave, the Clerk of Tring Youth Town Council was also present to support the young people and answer Town Councillors' question. She reminded them of the successful track record of the Youth Town Council in making successful funding bids for sporting equipment for the town.

  • Greyhound in Wigginton Safe Again
    Article: Oct 25, 2020

    Well of course it's safe to go to the Greyhound in Wigginton!

    The place is spick and span, they work to the regulations and the social distancing is well organised.

    Now, however, the uneven pavement by the entrance to their car park has been reprofiled, repaired and relaid by Herts County Council's contractors.

    The slope on the footway has been reduced and the whole area smoothed out, right to the edge of the customer car park.

    It's no longer a trip hazard.

    So why not visit for a meal. Be sure to book in advance by telephone (01442 824631) and remember there's not as much room inside just at the moment - but plan a little bit ahead and I'm sure they'll make you very welcome and serve up a tasty meal and the best of refreshment.

  • EV Charger Tesco, Tring
    Article: Oct 24, 2020

    "Electric Motoring - it's here today and here to stay!", says Nick Hollinghurst, Tring's Liberal Democrat County Councillor, "Soon you won't be able to avoid it".

    Yes, who would have thought it? Electric motoring is now mainstream.

    Along with recycling facilities, which were once only to be found at shopping centres - but are now common at individual large retailers - EV charging stations are making the same transition. And that's not just corporate social responsibility in action - companies are making the calculation that EV charging is a facility for their customers that will boost their profits.

    Having started with trailblazers like Waitrose and the Co-Op, EV chargers can now be found at most of the other supermarkets, Sainsburys, Morrissons and Tesco - most notably for us a 2-socket charging post has now arrived in Tesco, Tring, as the picture illustrates.

    Where on earth will EV chargers turn up next? In petrol stations? Well now you come to mention it, yes! Shell and BP are currently rolling out a network of rapid EV charges at filling stations across the UK, albeit rather slowly.

  • Cow Lane Tarmac Strip 1
    Article: Oct 23, 2020

    No, not the players' shirts - this particular strip was a narrow length of what should have been grass, but was actually mud.

    When the footway along Cow Lane was extended at the top, near the Tring Tornadoes' ground, the standard pathway width has been specified.

    But actually the verge along Cow Lane is used as off-road overspill parking at big match days and the width of tarmac goes right to the curb so that cars can be fully parked off the carriageway.

    This slip up resulted in an 18 inch of grass which quickly turned to mud as cars drove over it to park.

    A length of missing tarmac was immediately put right, but a shortage of funds meant that we had to wait a year for the missing strip to be sorted out.

    It was put in place yesterday.

  • Document: Oct 22, 2020
    513.91 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    A letter explaining why Nick Hollinghurst will not be standing in Tring again for the County Council - while Sally steps up as the Lib Dem Candidate to take his place in May 2021.

  • Alistair Carmichael 2020
    Article: Oct 18, 2020
    Why the Liberal Democrats VOTED AGAINST the Tories' CRIME AUTHORISATION BILL. (Oct 15, 2020 5:10)
    This Bill will allow a whole range of employees of Government agencies to authorise crimes, up to and including murder and torture.

    The Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson ALISTAIR CARMICHAEL led cross-party opposition to the Government's Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill, calling a vote against the legislation in the House of Commons.

  • Tim Farron 2020
    Article: Oct 18, 2020

    Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey has announced a new team of spokespeople who will hold the Government to account and rebuild our party.

    Tim Farron, MP for Westmorland & Lonsdale.

    Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing, Communities & Local Government, and Food & Rural Affairs.

    Tim Farron has represented the people of Westminster and Lonsdale as their Member of Parliament for 15 years.

    Tim's win in 2005 ended a 95 year rule by the Tories, winning by 267 votes. In the 2010 general election Tim maintained his seat and achieved an 11.1% swing from the Conservatives.

    Tim lives in Milnthorpe, south Cumbria, with his wife Rosie, his daughters Isabella and Gracie and his sons Jude and Laurie.

    Tim Farron has a strong record of delivery for the constituency.

    He has headed many local campaigns, fighting to protect and bring more services to Westmorland General Hospital, build more affordable homes for local families and bring more well paid jobs to the South Lakes.

    Tim is also a strong advocate for Cumbria's farmers, with the NFU describing him as "a true ally of farmers".

    Tim's proudest local achievement is his successful campaign to bring a chemotherapy centre to Westmorland General, meaning cancer patients in the South Lakes no longer have to make travel long distances to Lancaster or Barrow for treatment.

  • Freightliner Stock (Freightliner)
    Article: Oct 15, 2020

    In announcement on 13th October, 2020 that has been made before, the Conservative Government has confirmed that an extra £17 million is to be invested to bring the Port of Southampton railfreight infrastructure up to European standards.

    Right across the UK a longterm programme to extend railfreight sidings and container handling bays has been taking place. Now almost at the last minute the Conservative Rail Minister has realised that they had forgotten to increase siding and passing loop lengths to 775 metres to accomodate the now standard European container trains of 750 metres. This was done at many ports and inland road-rail interchange depots several years ago, but apparently not yet in Southampton where the maximum train length is still restricted to 520 metres.

    The adoption of the now standard train length of 750 m will enable traffic to and from the port to be increased with by extra 14 containers per train. In practice this means 14 more HGVs are taken off UK roads per train.

    The recent Network Rail press release seems to have confused matters by stating that current maximum capacity is 14 tpd from Southampton - and the improvements will raise this to 24 tpd. However, Network Rail misinterpreted a report on the Port of Southampton written by ABP in 2011. The ABP report stated that there were 19 trains per day (tpd) in 2011 with an additional 5 train paths that were unused but available.

    In fact 19 tpd were operated in 2011 within a maximum capacity of 24 tpd and this capacity was expected to be filled round about 2020. The capacity is consistently expected by both Network Rail and ABP to remain at a maximum capacity of 24 tpd as far ahead as 2030, i.e. the maximum capacity in terms of tpd is unchanged. The claim that the investment is enabling an extra 10 tpd is incorrect - but sadly has now acquired the status of a "Google myth".

    The track and signalling work to complete the project is expected to be completed by Easter 2021.

    Liberal Democrat Nick Hollinghurst, Hertfordshire County Councillor for the Tring Division says, "There is good news here. The £17 million is enabling an increase in train length and so an increase in the number of containers transported per day. This is good for the environment, the UK road users and for the efficiency of the railfreight industry, but it is neither new money nor very much money in rail industry terms."

    He added, "It also highlights the low priority that both Network Rail and the Tory government give to railfreight. Network Rail messed up their press release and the government has provided a paltry sum of money for a minor infrastructure development that actually does not improve the number of train paths available to and from the important port of Southampton."

  • Wera Hobhouse
    Article: Oct 11, 2020

    Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath

    Spokesperson for Justice and Women & Equalities, Shadow Leader of the House.

    Wera was born in Hanover, Germany and came to Britain in 1990 having met and married her English husband, William Hobhouse. They both cite the fall of the Berlin Wall, which they travelled to witness in November 1989, as a pivotal moment in their lives.

    Wera and William have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, aged 20 to 27 years and live in central Bath.

    She has had several diverse successful careers: as a radio journalist, a professional artist and, in the UK, as a teacher of modern languages. She is fluent in English, German and French.

    Wera started her political life in Rochdale, where as a councillor she fought tireless against the building of 600 new homes and a children's nursery on asbestos-contaminated land, ultimately winning this 7-year battle.

    Since moving, with her family, to Bath she has immersed herself in local politics.

    She is perhaps best known for her pro European and Internationalist views. She is strongly opposing to the brutal and destructive hard version of Brexit that Theresa May has chosen for us.

    Politically Wera's other passion is the environment: encompassing traffic congestion, the pollution it causes and damage to the health of Bath's residents.

    Wera is noted for her strong and deep rooted principles and she is bold and fearless in her defence of them. She was reelected in the 2019 General Election.