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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

  • Free School Meals
    Article: Mar 14, 2021
    Hertfordshire County Council Conservatives have blocked a Liberal Democrat proposal to provide free meal vouchers during the school summer holidays for children who get free meals during school term time.

    Really, the government should be paying for these, but if they won't, we think that the County Council should step in and make sure that these children don't go hungry. We got them to do this for Christmas and Easter holidays, but they won't continue do this again after that.

  • Giles-Medhurst Pothole
    Article: Mar 7, 2021

    The Conservative County Council has cut £8 million of its planned £37 million maintenance budget for residential roads over the next four years. This is a huge cut of 22%.

    The Conservatives are claiming that these roads are in better condition than they expected but this does not match with what you have told us.

    61% of residents who completed our recent highways survey expressed dissatisfaction with highways maintenance.

  • North Hertfordshire Liberal Democrat group photo
    Article: Feb 27, 2021

    Liberal Democrat plans for free school meals for vulnerable children, investment in roads and footways, action on flooding, tree planting and mental health support in schools have all been voted down by the Conservatives at Hertfordshire County Council.

    The Conservatives rejected a fully costed and deliverable plan from the opposition Liberal Democrats that would have delivered free school meals, for children in need, for the next year - while seeking government support for future years.

  • Lib Dem PCC Candidate Sam North
    Article: Feb 27, 2021

    Under plans released by Liberal Democrat Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate, Sam North, roads are to be made safer.

    "I have unveiled plans today for a coherent roads policing strategy that sets out the basis for how our roads can be made safer. After it was revealed that only 3% of Hertfordshire Police's budget is spent on policing our roads, it is no wonder that on average 78% of people see a traffic offence on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Steam Roller
    Article: Feb 26, 2021
    Opposition Liberal Democrats on Hertfordshire County Council have protested at a massive cut that the Conservatives voted through to highways schemes in the coming year (2021/22).

    The ruling Conservatives have cut 61 road improvement schemes across Hertfordshire and reduced the budget for such schemes by £2m in the next year and each of the following three years - cutting £8m in total.

    Originally the Conservatives had agreed to spend an extra £37m up to 2025. They have now reduced this by £8m to £29m - a cut of 22%.

    County Councillor Stephen Giles-Medhurst, the Liberal Democrat Group Leader & Highways Spokesperson said:

    "The Conservatives claim that our side roads have improved over recent years. There may have been some improvements but if so, it was from a very low base. For residents living on the roads that have now been cut and for others waiting for their roads to be considered, the situation is far from satisfactory."

    "Cancelling 61 planning schemes for the next year is a kick in the teeth - not just for motorists but also for cyclists. The impact that will be felt by cyclists is particularly disappointing given that the County should be encouraging residents to change to more sustainable forms of transport"

    The Liberal Democrats proposed to restore this budget cut as well as increase spending on pavement repairs. These proposals were voted down.
  • Free School Meals 1
    Article: Feb 26, 2021

    At the Hertfordshire County Council Budget Council Meeting on 23rd February, 2021, the Conservative Administration refused to support Liberal Democrat proposals to fund free school meals for 22,000 children during school holidays, once current funding runs out at the end of the Summer Half-Term. But the £3.5m cost of this could have come from a £5.5m Inequality Reserve created from council tax surpluses.

  • Document: Feb 25, 2021
    554.74 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Background and an explanation to the situation surrounding the Dacorum Local Plan which proposes and extra 2,200 houses for Berkhamsted - 23% increase.

  • Housing Construction
    Article: Feb 21, 2021

    Why does the Housing Secretary think a zoning system from the Wild West will work in "England's green and pleasant land?" Or anywhere else in the UK come to mention it! And to make matters worse local planning authorities - in our case Dacorum Borough Council - appear to be completely in thrall to the Housing Secretary?

  • Flooding on Bullens Green Lane
    Article: Feb 21, 2021

    Hertfordshire County Council officers have today confirmed to Liberal Democrat county councillors that the Government has cut direct grant funding for the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), the body responsible for sorting out surface water flooding across the county.

    In Hertfordshire the role of Lead Local Flood Authority is filled by the County Council itself. A small team of professionals was set up within HCC 6 years ago with resources and funding to finance its activities. Since then funding has been continuously as the LLFA Grant. This has enabled the team to build up expertise and carried out minor improvements and small flood management works - though any large schemes would need specific grants to have them carried out.

  • Document: Feb 16, 2021
    377.9 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Background and an explanation to the situation surrounding the Dacorum Local Plan which proposes and extra 2,700 houses for Tring - 55% increase.