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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

  • Best Ever Council Election Results
    Article: May 6, 2019

    What. A. Day. (report from Vince Cable written at 0605 4th May)

    1350 (and counting) Liberal Democrat Councillors elected. 703 Councillor gains.

    We held control of every Council we were defending. We won control of twelve more.

    That officially makes this local election our best ever - smashing through the previous record by a country mile.

  • Document: Apr 22, 2019
    180.63 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Wendy Conian is a Liberal Democrat candidate for Berkhamsted Town Council in the May 2nd council elections. This is her personal manifesto. She is an HR and management consultant with over 20 years experience and is a strongly motivated advocate for environmental protection and the need to do more to reverse climate change. She is active in the Transition Town movement and the Plastic Free Berkhamsted Campaign.

  • Document: Apr 17, 2019
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    The Manifesto of the Dacorum Borough Council Lib Dem Group for the 2019 DBC Elections

  • Article: Apr 5, 2019

    The Watford Liberal Democrats say that Conservative members have given up on their troubled party. There are no Conservative candidates standing in certain areas of Watford - for the first time ever.

    There are no Conservative candidates in Stanborough Ward (Watford Borough) and in Abbots Langley, Gade Valley and Leavesden (Three Rivers). These are all wards that have historically elected Conservative councillors and together make up around a quarter of the Watford Parliamentary constituency - currently held by Richard Harrington MP.

    For some time now there have not been any Conservative councillors on Watford Borough Council .

    The Liberal Democrats have fielded a full slate of candidates across both Watford, Dacorum, St Albans and Three Rivers.

  • Grove Road Road Works
    Article: Feb 18, 2019



    Grove Road, Tring - Second Half to be Re-Surfaced at Last!

    These Road Works will be at the northwestern end of Grove Road and will be (I am led to believe) the long-awaited resurfacing of the second half of Grove Road!

    Expect delays for 4 days while this work takes place.

    It is expected that the current speed humps will be replaced.

    However, it is expected that the speed tables intended for Christchurch Road will prove much more acceptable than the old style "humps".

    In due course it is intended that the old style humps will be replaced with the longer and shallower speed tables. Maybe in the year after next.

  • Layla Moran Mike
    Article: Feb 4, 2019

    The title of this article should be common sense, shouldn't it?

    And yet, between 2014 and 2016 alone, over 3000 people were dragged before the court. Not for doing anything wrong, but for falling foul of a 195-year-old law.

    The 1824 Vagrancy Act was drafted with soldiers coming home from the Napoleonic Wars in mind. It's a cold, archaic relic from a bygone age. I will do everything in my power to ensure it doesn't reach its 200th birthday.

  • Document: Jan 21, 2019
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    An explanation of the issues and objectives of the 20 mph Speed Restrictions for Western Tring

  • LD DBC Group 2018
    Article: Jan 1, 2019

    The Local Elections for Dacorum Borough Council will be held on Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

    In 2018 the Liberal Democrats enjoyed our best district council election results in 15 years. We took control of councils like South Cambridgeshire, Kingston-upon-Thames and Richmond-upon-Thames from the Conservatives. In Watford and in Three Rivers - Liberal Democrat controlled districts bordering onto Dacorum - they made further progress.

  • Vince Cable in Brighton 2018
    Article: Jan 1, 2019
    By Greg Foster

    As we enter 2019, time is ticking down on Brexit, and with it the whole future of the country.

    The history books will look back on these coming three months as critical.
    It is almost unbelievable that Parliament is waiting a further week to return!

    After two long years of negotiation, the Prime Minister has brought back a Brexit deal that satisfies no-one. Her reaction is to try to scare people with the prospect of a 'No Deal' Brexit. In reality, that can't happen unless she decides it should.

    So the only way forward - now - for the country and the Prime Minister is for the public to have the final say, and the option to Remain.

    It's a campaign we Liberal Democrats started more than two years ago. Now millions of people have joined us in demanding a better future than Brexit Britain has to offer.

    And the power of the millions who have signed petitions, lobbied their MP, or marched on Parliament - 700,000 of them just this year - is beginning to bear fruit. A People's Vote has moved from being a possibility to being a probability.

    But only if we keep the pressure up. If we succeed, 2019 will be a year remembered not because we harmed our country with Brexit, but because we - the people - stood up and stopped it.

    And if we do that, our Parliament and Government can once again deal with big issues like climate change, rising crime, the social care crisis, homelessness and housing supply, all of which have been neglected because of Brexit.

    Enjoy your New Year celebrations and then let's get out there in 2019 and win the fight for a People's Vote and a brighter future for Britain.

  • Money
    Article: Jan 1, 2019

    "The Tory Government is favouring its chums in the electricity supply industry by pushing the costs of private market failure onto household's electricity bills" claims a local Lib Dem Councillor.

    "The energy markets that underlie our household gas and electricity bills are inefficient, expensive and poorly regulated", claims the Liberal Democratic County Councillor for Tring & the Villages, Nick Hollinghurst.