Liberal Democrats Gain Rogate Ward from the Tories on Chichester District Council in West Sussex

Chichester WinThe previous councillor resigned as she is now the local Tory MP.

It used to be the 6th safest Tory seat in the UK, but it probably isn't now!

This is a really stunning result.

But it didn't happen by magic. It was due to a lot of well organised hard work - and a great candidate!

ROGATE WARD (Chichester) result:

LIB DEM: 444, 55.8% (+55.8)
CONSVS: 319, 40.1% (-27.3)
LABOUR: 21, 2.6% (+2.6)
GREEN: 12, 1.5% (-18.2)
Lib Dem GAIN from Conservatives.
No UKIP (-12.9) this time.

Congratulations to Kate O'Kelly and the Team!