Local Flower and Produce Shows - Wigginton today and Aldbury tomorrow!

September 8, 2018 11:15 AM
Originally published by Nick Hollinghurst - Working for Tring, Working for Britain, Working for You!

Produce in AugustThis afternoon we have The Flower and Produce Show in Wigginton in the Village Hall.

And tomorrow the equivalent down in Aldbury

My pic shows how well we were doing last month. Alas, we ate that lot - and we now have only very poor specimens to exhibit!

In particular the potatoes have been a disaster, an unidentified pest has devoured the Pak Choi, an odd disease has produced strangely misshapen apples - and really nothing has done well this year.

Still taking part is the thing and next year might be better!

Apart from current troubles, however, do grow vegetables and plants and exhibit in your local show. If you're fortunate to have one, it's pleasant, healthy exercise to cultivate your garden (as Candide was prone to remark) and the flavour of your own home-grown produce is always better than anything else!