Liberal Democrat Conference in Brighton Reaffirms Commitment to Green Policies

Hero VinceSeptember's Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton was a great success.

And as well as being one of the best attended Lib Dem conferences ever, it reaffirmed the Party's commitment to Green Policies and Environmental protection.

This is a summary of the Lib Dem's existing policy highlights.

They featured among the Party's 2017 election manifesto commitments:

  • Expand renewable energy, aiming to generate 60% of electricity from renewables by 2030.
    Support for solar PV and onshore wind in appropriate locations to be restored and more electricity interconnectors and energy storage facilities to be constructed.

  • Support R&D and investment in the latest technologies.
    Cheaper energy storage, smart grid technology, hydrogen power, improved offshore wind and tidal power
  • Oppose fracking.
    Because of adverse impact on climate change, the energy mix and on local environments.
  • Encourage community energy projects
    Encourage community energy saving projects and local electricity generation, promoting city-scale demonstration projects in electric cars and delivery vans and clean energy production.

Nick Hollinghurst's Nissan LeafIn particular the Liberal Democrats aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2050, down from the 1990 benchmark levels.

Herts County Councillor for Tring, Nick Hollinghurst, commented

"To be successful we all need to make personal contributions as well.

I have invested part of my savings in offshore wind, switched from diesel to an all-electric car and am trying out an electric bike.

And as a local councillor I encourage greener methods of transport wherever I can."