Wigginton Flower and Produce Show 2018 - Best in Show!

November 2, 2018 7:15 PM
Originally published by Nick Hollinghurst - Working for Tring, Working for Britain, Working for You!

Wigginton Best in Show 2018It has in truth been a dreadful year in the garden, both for vegetables and flowers.

Not that Nick does flowers - "too girly!" Nor does he do lettuce - "real men don't grow salad!"

But despite these prejudices, there's still plenty of scope.

And it wasn't a bad year for everything - greenhouse-grown tomatoes for one thing.

So a strategic choice, with an eye to the competition, resulted in a "Best in Show" in the 2018 Wigginton Flower and Produce Show held in the Village Hall on September 8th.

And to compound the embarassment for undeserved recognition, he was awarded the Edmunds Cup for best all round performance.

Still, Nick is getting used to being hailed as a good gardener when in fact he isn't really.

And as he says, "Could be worse. Theresa May has to put up with people thinking she's a prime minister!"