Lib Dem membership is now the highest it's ever been!

June 8, 2019 6:00 PM
Originally published by West Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats
Record numbers of people are joining the biggest, strongest Remain party - the Liberal Democrats 🎉

By Greg Foster, Jun 08, 2019 11:06 (Read more on our national web site)

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105,480 105,480 - that's how many people had joined the Liberal Democrats as of midnight last night.

That makes it official - our party is the biggest it's ever been!

First of all welcome to our new members - you've joined Britain's biggest liberal family. We couldn't be more excited to have you on board.

It's been a brilliant month for our party.

🔶 We've elected more councillors in one set of local elections than ever before

🔶 We've gained more MEPs than ever before

🔶 We've topped a nationwide Westminster voting intention poll for only the third time since the 1980s

Our movement is going from strength to strength - and we aren't going to stop. We're fighting to give the people of Brecon and Radnorshire the chance to elect a new, pro-EU MP. We're going to elect a new leader to take our party into its bright new future. Our campaign to stop Brexit gains more momentum every day.

I'm really excited to find out what's next for our party. More and more Remainers are becoming Liberal Democrat voters, supporters and members as they realise - Brexit is unworkable.

The Conservatives are going to waste this Brexit extension squabbling amongst themselves. Jeremy Corbyn continues to fight to drag Britain out of the European Union. Public opinion has changed - the people want to stop Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats will give you, not politicians, the final say on leaving the EU.

Join the biggest, strongest party of Remain. Become a Liberal Democrat today and help us stop Brexit. 🔶

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