Sally Symington, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for South West Herts, was a Frequent Figure in Berkhamsted!

December 15, 2019 12:19 AM

Sally Symington with Campaign Team Berkhamsted

Sally with the Berkhamsted Lib Dem Team

The Liberal Democrats - Independent of Big Business, Independent of Big Unions.

This gives them the independence and freedom to promote their social values and to represent you and your community.

But independence alone is not enough. To get things done in government, such as free school meals for under 7s and the 'triple lock' for pensions, you need the backing of an organisation and an effective political party.

It is difficult to stand up against the twin monsters of the Conservative and Labour Parties. But an independent political party do so - and can get things done.

When the Liberal Democrats were in government, they took 3 million people out of paying income tax.

The Liberal Democrats also put in place measures that have already resulted in a greater increase in sustainable energy production for the UK than either Labour or the Conservatives. And over time these measures will continue to increase our green energy supplies - when finished next year the Horn Sea 2 will be the world's largest offshore wind farm.

You can trust the Lib Dems to get things done in the national interest - to the benefit of all of us - not just the well-connected elite.

Thank you for the support you gave Sally Symington and the Liberal Democrats on 12th December.

The Lib Dems can stand up for local communities and local people because they are not in the pockets of the rich, nor dictated to by powerful unions.