London Council By Election Success for Lib Dems as Labour Crumble

January 24, 2020 12:42 PM
Originally published by Nick Hollinghurst - Working for Tring, Working for Britain, Working for You!

Ballot Box. A spectacular by election success in the Alperton ward of London Borough of Brent on 23rd January:

. LIB DEM: 1699 39.7% (+29.5)

. LABOUR: 1304 30.5% (-25.6)
. CNSVTS: 900 21.0% (-2.5)
. GREEN: 373 8.7% (-1.4)

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GAIN from Labour. 27.6% swing from Labour to Lib Dems.

Well done, Anton Georgiou and team!

However in neighbouring wards, Barnhill (2 vacancies) and Wembley Central, where Lib Dems were less strong, Labour did hold onto those 3 seats. The Lib Dem vote dipped slightly in Barnhill (-3.2%) but in Wembly Central held steady.