Speed Limit Extension at Tringford Road near the Canal Bridge at New Mill.

February 12, 2020 5:12 PM
Originally published by Nick Hollinghurst - Working for Tring, for Britain and for You!

Tringford Road 30 mph Speed Limit Extension30 mph SPEED LIMIT EXTENSION in TRINGFORD RD near New Mill, Tring.

At one time HCC County Councillor, Nick Hollinghurst, had an aspiration to install traffic lights on the canal bridge, but it turned out to be very expensive and a lot of people were against it.

So that was that - and money was freed up for more offroad parking, footway repairs, resurfacing work etc.

However there's still a potential traffic hazard there and there's a 60 mph limit in force, 'cos the 30 mph limit at the moment stops well short of the bridge on one side and isn't there at all on the other.

It's taken a long time, but now we are extending the 30 mph limit over the bridge and down to the entrance to the DBC vehicle yard.

Signs will be improved, a 30 mph roundel painted on the road with "reminder arrows" to alert drivers to the possibility of other vehicles out of sight over the bridge.

This should improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists as traffic slows (especially on the way into Tring) and will also -we hope - reduce the tendency of cars to hoot as the reach the crest of the bridge.

The two bare poles await the new signs and the 30 mph roundel on the road can just be seen in the pic.