A Fresh Start for Northampton after a Tory Disaster

Northamptonshire County Council was controlled by the Conservatives from 2005 to 2018.

Nick with Stewart in Northhampton

Nick with Stewart

Nick with Sally Beardsworth Northampton

Nick with Sally

Their disastrous administration resulted in early 2018 in the council having to declare that it "was effectively insolvent".

Commissioners had to be brought in by the government to run it.

In March 2018 inspectors concluded that the problems at the council were so deep-rooted that it was impossible to rescue it in its current form.

To do so, they said, would have been "a reward for failure".

It was then decided that the County Council should be broken up and replaced with two new smaller authorities.

This was to follow on from elections in May 2020.

Nick's friend and former Tring Town Councillor, Stewart Tolley, is a candidate in Kingsthorpe in the new unitary authority of Northampton West.

The weekend before last, Nick took some time out to support Stewart and the second candidate in the ward Sally Beardsworth - a local councillor of 30 years standing.

Of course the urgency has gone out of their campaign since it the election has to be postponed because of the covid-19 epidemic.

Seen here in the pix, it is clear Nick chose a period of good weather to help his Lib Dem colleagues.