Lib Dem Leader, Ed Davey, chooses his Team. Christine Jardine - Treasury, Brexit, Europe and Trade

Lib Dem MPs 2020

Lib Dem Leadership Team 2020

Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey has announced a new team of spokespeople who will hold the Government to account and rebuild our party.

Christine Jardine

Spokesperson for Treasury, Brexit, Europe & Trade
Christine JardineLiberal Democrat Leader, Ed Davey, announcing the Party's new Leadership Team on August 31st said,

"The formidable Christine Jardine will be Treasury Spokesperson and put forward the case for a greener, fairer UK. Christine will show that now is the time to build back better.

Christine will also speak for us and the country on the other key issues of Brexit, Europe and Trade. On these she will hold the Conservative government to account."

In accepting this responsibility, Christine responded,

"I am delighted to take on these important role in Ed's team for the Liberal Democrats and I am looking forward to getting to work on that greener, fairer UK."

Christine Jardine was born in Glasgow and went to Edinburgh University. She has been a journalist, a broadcaster and university teacher.

She sits in the House of Commons and has represented Edinburgh West since 2017. Before entering politics, Christine worked as an Edinburgh based journalist and as a broadcaster who has written for the Scotsman, worked for the BBC and was editor of the Press Association in Scotland.