Keep Tring Green

Tring from Draft Local Plan doc
Dacorum's Local Housing Plan is Flawed.

When the Government changed its policy, Dacorum should have changed its Strategy.

But they didn't. They just went for an inefficient Quick Fix to bolt onto the work they'd already done.

They took the easy way out with a thoughtless grab at Green Belt Land.

The half-baked plan which they came up with is inefficient.

They are planning for too many of the wrong houses in the wrong places.

It wastes acres of farmland and beautiful countryside and damages the
setting of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty -
And it plans for too many houses where there are too few local jobs, making
commuting worse.

Finally it will overwhelm Tring and put strain on our communities and overload local facilities.

The Liberal Democrats say:

●Respond to the consultation before 28 February 2021

●Write to your MP Gagan Mohindra MP Email:

●Sign our petition:

I call upon Dacorum Borough Council to:
1. Halt the Local Plan Consultation
2. Redraw the plan based on recent housing densities achieved
3. Demand that targets are based on up-to-date estimates

Thank you for your interest but we are no longer running this campaign.